Rt. Honorable Prime Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
Singha Durbar, Kathmandu

Sub: Letter of Memorandum

Your Excellency;

As the present situation of the country is deteriorating day by day, citizens are showing their concerns and anxiously. When the horrible incidents of escalating violence are making people worried and terrified it is natural indeed that the people pray for peace. On the one hand HURON has continuously made its endeavor to stop the situation of violence and counter violence which has been going on for 6 years and on other, it has expressed its concern so that innocent civilians should not be targeted deliberately of by any other way in the arms conflict between security personnel and Maoist.

It is obvious that HURON had very strongly condemned and deplored the attacks made by the Maoist in Dang and Accham last November 2001. Further, HURON had also very strongly urged to Maoist to uphold the international Humanitarian Law and Geneva Conventions.

In response to the present situation of law and order His Majesty Government has intensified the mobilization of security forces through out the country, we would like to draw the attention of the Government on the following points in order to ensure that no civilians and unarmed people will be harmed in the course of the mobilization in Rolpa, Pyuthan and Doti districts of mid and far-western development region.

  • To ensure that no women , children and general civilians have been affected during mobilization of security personnel and the operations, HURON would like to request the Government to form an independent network/mechanism comprising representatives from civil society, political parties and journalist, human right activists etc to visit the incident sites.
  • We would like to request the Government to bring about some new programs to eliminate feelings of fear, insecurity and terror from the mind of the people residing the neighborhood of he incident sites and to get rid them of trauma by assuring them with new hopes.
  • We would like to request the prime minister, defense minister and the home minister to visit conflict area and scrutiny the situation.
  • We would like to request both the Government and the Maoist to fully uphold common article 3 of the International Humanitarian Law Geneva Convention in any condition and the situation.
  • We would like to request the delegates of ICRC to visit all conflict areas through out the country and we appeal the Government and Maoist to create a suitable environment for this purpose.

5 April 2002