Volume I
6th February 2003

The joint meeting of Central Working Committee and Central Advisory Committee of Human Right organization of Nepal (HURON) has recently analyzed the activities and progress carried out by HURON and Committee for Facilitating Peace Dialogue during peace process. Further, the joint meeting decided to launch more programs and activities to the establish the peace through out the country.

The meetings also ratified a decision to organize a "Mechi-Mahakali Peace Campaign" with the direct involvement of civil society to make people the necessity of peace, friendship and confidence to establishing of normalcy. The meeting also decided to organize a 'First National Civic Conference' to create more public support to peace process. CWC meeting also analyzed the activities under Peace Initiative activities like Jail Visit, Peace rallies, Conflict transformation workshop etc.

The meetings also analyzed the role of Committee for Facilitating Peace Dialogue during ten months period of peace process has been considered as positive one. Further, the meeting seeks the need and continuity of Committee for Facilitating Peace dialogue even there has been already cease-fired. During the peace process, the Committee continues to mediate with State, Rebels and even political mainstream political parties to identify solutions.

Further, the meeting has taken the truce between State and Rebel as positive and to urged make the peace process democratic and problem solving, CWC would like to draw the attention in the following points:

  1. To publish the written commitment about the truce between the State and Rebels.
  2. To have a code of conducts binding to the both parties.
  3. To form an independent team to monitor the implementation code of conducts.
  4. To follow universal declaration of Human Rights and basic guide lines of the dialogue.
  5. To ensure the rehabilitation and the compensation to the victims according to international humanitarian law.
  6. To create a platform for every one to participate in the peace making process.
  7. To ensure the beginning of the process to bring the perpetrator to the justice system.