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HURON with Tibetan Refugees


HURON with Tibetan Refugees

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On June 20, the world commemorated World Refugee Day to show public support for the individuals and families who have to flee their homes from conflicts, famines, political instabilities and oppressive regimes.

“I’ve met so many who have lost so much. But they never lose their dreams for their children or their desire to better our world. They ask for little in return – only our support in their time of greatest need”UN SECRETARY-GENERAL, ANTÓNIO GUTERRES.

 Tibetan Refugees in Nepal without Refugee Cards Based on a study done by in 2017 by Human Rights Organisation of Nepal, in coordination with all 12 camp in-charges’, there are 12, 331 Tibetan Refugees without Refugee Cards. Among 12,331 Tibetan Refugees in Nepal, 40% are under the age of 16 Years who are born in Nepal. Refugee Source: Human Rights Watch, 2014 Glimpses of HURON with Tibetan Refugees The Government of Nepal deports Three Tibetan Refugees On June 2, 2010 two Tibetan men and one Tibetan women were arrested by Nepal Police from Muchu, Humla district of Nepal. Against the Gentleman’s Agreement between the Government of Nepal and United Nations, these Tibetan Refugees were arrested and returned back to Tibet on June 3, 2010. Human Rights Organization of Nepal sent inquiry letters to Home Minister, Hon. Bhim Rawal, Inspector Police General (IGP) of Nepal, Mr. Rameshchandra Thakuri to reveal the state of affairs of these Tibetan Refugees. Human Rights Organization of Nepal appealed to the concerned authorities to show respect towards the refugees and record their situation and treatment by the police personnel. Upon further inquiry by HURON, these Tibetan Refugees, Dawa 20, Dorje 21, and Pempa 22 were sent back by the Government of Nepal to Tibet on an Air Dynasty flight on June 3, 2010 from Hilsa, Humla. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR) later confirmed the deportation. In apropos to this prompt deportation, HURON questioned the Government of Nepal through letters sent to Home Minister, Hon. Bhim Rawal as the act being a direct violation of Gentleman’s Agreement and serious Human Rights concern.


 Nepal Police Disrupts conduction of Primary Election to elect Tibetan Refugee Representatives On October 3, 2010, Nepal Police under the pretext of anti-China movement around Kathmandu disrupted Tibetan preliminary polls and confiscated thousands of ballot boxes filled with votes. Tibetan Refugee Welfare Office informed Human Rights Organization of Nepal (HURON) of the incidents around Kathmandu and urged the support of HURON in retaining back the confiscated ballot boxes. Although no arrests were made, the Nepal Police did resort to lathi charges as the voters tried to discourage the police from such initiatives. HURON immediately sent a letter to National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) for support on this matter. Letters of Concern were sent the Government of Nepal to release the ballot boxes. The elections to elect Tibetan Refugee Representatives were being held in Nepal, India, Bhutan and North America. Tibetan Refugees go on Hunger Strike in Nepal On July 26, 2010, Tibetan Refugees from seven refugee camps went on Hunger Strike demanding refugee cards and relief materials. Human Rights Organization of Nepal (HURON) sent letters of concern to Home Minister, Hon. Bhim Rawal and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to look into their genuine demands and provide health facilities to the peaceful protesters. On July 29, 2010 UNHCR Country Representative, Ms. Stephane Jaquemet & HURON President, Mr. Sudip Pathak discussed the ongoing hunger strike and confirmed UNHCR would provide support to Tibetan Refugees under distress. HURON issued a Press Release citing the support. Letter of Thanks from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Nepal In apropos to release of 23 Tibetans from Immigration Detention Center, Reference No. 068-WH-0021, UNHCR Country Representative, Ms. Stephane Jaquemet extended her warmest appreciation to Human Rights Organization of Nepal (HURON); in particular, President, Mr. Sudip Pathak & Advocate, Mr Indra Prasad Aryal of securing the release of all Tibetan Refugees. The appreciation to HURON staffs that were supportive of Tibetans under detention at Department of Immigration was also mentioned who were vital in quick release. Ms. Jaquemet thanked HURON for the assistance in this matter as individual communications with various high level Nepalese officials were vital for the release.

Petitions & Legal Cases HURON has been involved in numerous Petitions against unlawful arrest of Tibetan Refugees in Nepal and has fought quite a few legal battles against the Government of Nepal.

Protection of Refugees Act, 2011 A proposed act for protection of refugees was drafted by HURON, Legal Department of Tribhuwan University, INHURED International, PPR Nepal & Pro Public in 2011. The proposed act still remains unattended by the Government of Nepal.

Training’s & Orientations HURON has conducted Training and orientation of Gentleman’s Agreement to Tibetan Refugees and Security Personnel in the past. HURON has also conducted monitoring of Tibetan camps in Nepal and monitoring of Pilgrimage by Tibetan Refugees.

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