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What We Do


Human Rights organization of Nepal (HURON) is one of the first human rights organizations in Nepal. From the creation in 1988, HURON played a pioneering and crucial role in the movement for the restoration of democracy. A unique feature of HURON played a pioneering and critical role in the movement for the restoration of democracy. HURON grew as a mass-based people's movement. HURON' s greatest strength lies in its membership, who represent all political persuasions-left, right and centre and they are spread through out the country in 77 Districts.

From the beginning HURON has played a leading role in the process of democratic change in Nepal, and in the protection of human rights and civil liberties. In society HURON is working toward building an organization/movement that will be responsive to the emerging and diverse human right issues, as well as to support the strengthening of the democratic process in the country at all levels.

HURON is registered as a non-political, non-profit making organization of the District Administration Office in Kathmandu. It is a democratic organization holding elections every three years at the district and central levels

What we do

A Society where there will be an understanding, respect and practice of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

HURON as a dynamic organization will promote human rights through advocacy, conflict resolution as well as networking and capacity building.

  • To monitor human rights violations and, by networking with other national, regional and international organization.
  • To strengthen the democratic process and culture, with institutional capacity building at all levels.
  • To initiate and support a process of conflict resolution in situations of nationals concerns.
  • To create awareness and to promote strategies to overcome social exclusion.
  • To advocate for the amendment of or to initiate legislation which ensure the protection of human rights?
  • To empower the membership and strengthen District Chapters.
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